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Poem – She is Sci-Fi by Stephen Philip Druce January 31, 2017

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She Is Sci-Fi

She stripped off her
retro boots – ripped up
her non-descript Sunday suits,
trashed her ugly
dresses – burnt
the dark cuttings from
her tresses – now short
dyed ocean blue –
in futuristic design she
put on some devil horns and
a wrought iron spine of
prickly thorns –
square shades and
silver-glittered roller blades,
giant collar and shoulder fakes,
face paint and wings of snakes –
open jawed,
she flew with higher birds, and
with her sabre sword she carved out
the words in the sky –
I am sci-fi.

BIO:  Stephen Philip Druce is a poet from Shrewsbury in the U.K.


Poem – Tigers In Cloud Ships by Stephen Philip Druce March 16, 2016

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 Tigers In Cloud Ships

Clad in spiked plummet –
stilled vapour rip
as cotton ball angels drift,
sail scratch prowl –
circle bird cluster
in snow coat applause,
suited cream orchestras
abandon scarred circus skies
in chorus salute,
and tigers in cloud ships
roar unmanned –
their sweetest melody.


BIO: Stephen Philip Druce is a poet from Shrewsbury, UK. He has been published in Cake, Muse, Spokes, Message in a Bottle, Pulsar, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Taj Mahal Review, Shot Glass, Hermes, and many other poetry journals.