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Beat Poet Michael McClure Dead at 87 May 6, 2020

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San Francisco Chronicle Obituary

Indian Valley College, Novato, CA 1976

Poems by Sarah Calvello – All These Colors, Bent Angel and Broken Paper Poem January 10, 2012

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All These Colors

all these colors
combed and spun
into fine spirals
of cotton candy,
dying the sky
with a stretching sigh.

 morning rose
covers everything
with a patient brightness.
another day
of rise and fall.

Bent Angel
(for Raquel)

the bent figure
of a fairy girl
came to me in the box you sent.

with its distant eyes
and delicate lily lines,
one of the wings fell off
just laying there in the box.
like the curved shell
of a tear
she is lost
and found at the same time.

              a secret smile
as she looks down

bent knee
she leans on open hand.

Broken Paper Poem

“When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the
right things a chance to catch you.”— MJ Garcia

you have to let go
to see things in a different light.
when you tell me to open my eyes,
you try to fix me
you push towards the point of breaking.

I just want someone to see me,
to know the life I know,
lay a whisper on my pillow and dream away
lonely silence.
winter on the ground
love is nowhere to be found.
where is the touch the time has run out.
pretending we’re together,
that’s not enough anymore.
feathers of broken paper
wind around the wind.


Sarah Calvello is an aspiring writer and City College student in San Francisco.