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Winter-Poem by Jade Blackmore December 3, 2022

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It’s not cold enough at 50 degrees. The seasons are all mixed up.
We need a challenge, a thin sheet of ice, a specter from the sky.
A myopic wind chomping at the reigns.
Something to make the tribe tougher.

And then the window rattles you awake
To guarantee ice cube drudgery with each step.
The bridge across the river clotted with snow,
A crunchy and obstacle-ridden
reminder of your delicacy.
Square shards of ice in shoe corners, a numbing,

And then the reprieve –
A push through flimsy aluminum,
flesh crooked with cold pushes through to the crackle of home
The door hinge squeaks like a welcoming sigh
Then seals you into recovery,
A warm blast of love and soup.  

Poem – Night Descends (After CHU HSI) by George Freek August 21, 2015

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By George Freek

Snow drifts in the air
like a white fog.
Summer has now come
and gone. I know
life will survive.
New flowers will arrive.
Ice will disappear,
and the river will flow.
But I read the future
in the distant stars.
They cannot light
this harsh night.
Leafless trees are like
dead friends. They speak
of what was, or
what might have been.


gfreekGeorge Freek is a poet/playwright living in Illinois. His poetry has
recently appeared in ‘The Missing Slate’; ‘The Rockhurst Review’; ‘Mud
Season’; ‘The Chiron Review’; ‘The Blue Door Quarterly’; ‘The New Plains
Review’; ‘Off Course’; ‘The Stillwater Review’; and ‘The Samizdat
Literary Journal’. His plays are published by Playscripts, Inc.; Lazy Bee
Scripts; and Off The Wall Plays.