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Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- Lightning Flash and No Need (The King of the Streets) April 29, 2020

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Drawing by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal



I see you in people I knew,
like a flash of lightning,
come and gone. I know you
are your own person, but
as frame of reference it is
not uncommon to make
comparisons. You have a
look in your face when I talk
and I can sense disappointment.
I know it will soon be over.
I have gone through this before.
There are no hard feelings.
I am accustomed to lightning
and how it shines and disappears.


As long as I have
a heartbeat
I will not ever
feel poor. At
night I make a home
in a park.
Food is all around.
I take from
the kind hearted.
Sometimes it’s
just around, on
trees, in trash
bins, almost fresh.
For movies
I watch the stars,
the people,
or the tall trees.
For music
I hear the birds,
crickets, and
cars zooming past.
For books I
have no need. I
read the clouds,
lips, newspapers
left behind.
I still dream. When
I become so
absorbed in
my dreams, I find
just enough
to get me through
the day. I
do not feel poor.
I am the
king of the streets.
There is no
need for a crown
or golden
robe. I keep still
when I feel
tired. If it rains,
I find a
bridge for shelter.
Do not feel
sad about me

Read a review of Luis’ chapbook Before and Well After Midnight, at Clockwise Cat.

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou April 12, 2020

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Jack Kerouac reads American Haikus April 9, 2020

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Poem by Jade Blackmore- The Abyss January 1, 2020

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The Abyss

The wheels of time grind, scrapping off metal,
A shrill stop and start.
The night is like any other.|
The celebrations are now perfunctory,
And the night is filled
With the silent stabbings
By tents and freeways.
The abyss is all that remains.



Poem by Jade Blackmore – Down for the Count September 17, 2019

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I liked you better when this whole thing began-
you were fun, a sleepy-eyed man-child
making Halloween faces.
A lizard-collecting therapist’s nightmare.
Now you’re just a liar like everyone else,
internal organs on the slab for peons to pick at.
There are no secrets between us.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
If I knew less about you, I’d love you more.





Poem by Rob Quill- Word Assault February 19, 2019

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Word Assault

it’s early.
say a word, two words,
a string of them.

I will hear only
one.  I will hear
only what I want.

I will distill
your word and swish
it around.

then spit it
out like so much

BIO: Rob Quill is a new poet, getting his feet on the ground.  He lives in a city and loves words.  Read more of his stuff soon on Synchronized Chaos.

Poem by Helen Burke – The Teacher January 3, 2019

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The Teacher

I learnt how to cook from mam, but
It wasn’t easy.

Mainly she said..and there you have it.
This applied to Irish stew, Yorkshire
Puddings, and fruit cake.
Scones and lemon cakes ..she simply
Waved her hands like a magician.

The actual ingredients ..where you obtained
Them ..I was no wiser when I left for college.

I think there was a book
Written in invisible ink ,hidden in a
Sock drawer next to the book she
Took to mass ..alleluia

There is only one recipe she said
Follow it to the letter.
And don’t over complicate things.

Who needs food anyway. All you need is
Faith. The rest is invention
Designed to waste time and jam .

Poem by John Grey – Ten Blocks to the South of Here November 25, 2018

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Ten Blocks to the South of Here

I see two men grieving in a shadow.
One says he’s fresh out of breadcrumbs.
The other put his stock in the smell of rivers
If only for a moment, I represent logic
just by keeping my mouth shut.
One says, the willows wouldn’t keep his secret.
The other was unaware her lips were on fire.
It’s night out. I am this empty mirror
slowly filling with what I see.

BIO: John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. His work has recently been published in Examined Life Journal, Evening Street Review and Columbia Review with work upcoming in Leading Edge, Poetry East and Midwest Quarterly.

Poems by Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal – The Battle With Night and Into the Void October 13, 2018

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The Battle With Night

 I surrendered to the night.
The youthful days are gone.
I need me time. No more
getting too carried away.

I have become docile.
I shorten the evening
when I could and just sleep.
No more burning candles

 in the day and the night.
My sails are down and I
enjoy the sea from afar.

Pensive, without circles
under my eyes, I feel
the battle with night is gone.

 Into the Void

Hurled into the void,

into a vast abyss of


twilights without stars,

and moons, I go there

and make a life out

of the darkness.


Mumbling, stumbling,

I go on like a

withered corpse

breathing life.


In this blind illusion

I go down the path,

following the odor

of chance, brushing


off my burden. I keep

it together, whistling

and humming blue songs.

Life is a strange mirage.


Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal is a California poet. Some of his most recent poems will appear in Spillwords, Tuck Magazine, and Yellow Mama Magazine.

Poetry Breaks – Galway Kinnell Reads “Daybreak” February 4, 2018

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