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Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray – Let not give me Sermon! January 3, 2023

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Let not give me Sermon!

Don’t you know, my soulmate
I am neither a habitual offender of casual type
Nor an escapist with utmost hype!
You know a little bit but very well
About me, my sense of both seriousness and humour,
My outer side that dazzles day in and day out.
My inner self that hides its face under the veil of dark paramount.
Gone are those days when though being matured by age,
I was also a novice of cent percentage.
Knew not I the prevailing atmosphere of selfishness at the core but philanthropic at the front galore.
You left me on the way,
Whether to perish or flourish,
The reasons you know the better,
How I can guess , what was the matter?
But your unprovoked indifference, being a silver lining
Gave me a lesson to learn
Don’t tell me like my grandmother,
Now everyday, at each moment of every journey I meet persons and events novel and unforeseen.
I very well know where exists the deadly manhole and also the footpath that resists the turmoil,
When to overtake at which juncture and when to say someone good bye with kind gesture,
Where the speed needs to be augmented and where the rumblers are sharp enough haunted.
The ups and downs of this road have opened up my eyes for good,
Now it’s hard for someone to deceive me in plentitude.
Even now you are not the right person for me to  sermoning,
May be one of my well-wishers whom I still love and beckoning.

Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Bio-Note: Dr.Ray is a professor of Political Science and a bilingual poet who hails from Kendrapara district of Odisha in India..He has authored two poetry books in solo i.e. Sillage (in English) and Meghapanata (in Odia). He has edited one international bilingual poetry anthology named as Trouvaille. By profession he is an academician, but by passion he is a poet.



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