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Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- All the Colors and Stop the Earthquake July 23, 2019

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All the colors that I see
are slightly reddened.
I want to do them a favor.

I want to give them some purple,
some pink, maybe a little
blue or golden sunset touch.

A bright yellow and some
peach, something to taste.
I imagine green fields for miles.

I want to see the flames go
out in a blue moon song.


Try to stop
the earthquake,
try to stop
the rain. It
won’t happen
no matter
how hard you
try. Try to
stop traffic,
that is an
thing to do.
You may get
run over.
It will stop
for the crews
to pick up
your remains.
Try to stop
an earthquake,
not even
could. Maybe,
I don’t know.
Most likely
he could blow
clouds away
and stop rain
from falling.

Read a review of Luis’ chapbook, chapbook, Before and Well After Midnight, at Clockwise Cat.


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