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Poem by Helen Burke – Nobody believes (but everybody wants to ..) March 28, 2017

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Nobody believes (but everybody wants to ..)

This is a road poem.

This is an on the road poem ,.. this is a poem on the road.

Write it out . Print it out , sing it out , dance it out , paint it out ,

Let it out , dream it out , taunt it out , wait it out , sit it out , smash it out , trash it out , write it as a banner and wear it in you heart – wear it on the inside and show it to anyone who’ll listen and listen to anyone you can as you are

Walking , hunched over, tormented by the sidewalks and nudged by you own collapsing vision and the masquerading acceptance of the creosoted bars of

The world which is caving in , crashing down , crumbling around you – even as you DON’T speak , even as you do nothing. Where have all the good guys gone ?? where are all the pretty women you once knew ?? who does the kid in the playground look up to ?? – why cant it be you ??

There’s a guy shouting from the second floor window – if you could only hear what he’s saying – the rot would stop – the flood , the volcano and the plague of lethargy and despair that is the wall we call air – shout louder fella , shout louder I said LOUDER – I’m a long way down – we are all a long way down . and the only way is up , baby – up the length of a saxophone playing in the June sun on the corner of dragonfly street and the mystical avenue of where did it all go wrong .. and what the fuck happened to my dreams?? to my youth to the cream in the coffee , to the worn out pair of boots someone thought were mine and that they knew me by – we each have our own tread, our own way of shadowing that which cannot be shadowed , which will not be loved. Imitate a frog and move on sister – move on ma brother – make like a didgeridoo in the wind – why is there nothing left to believe in ?? (but everyone still wants to .. deep down ., low down because across town – we are all going across town , across the river , the across the mountains and out of our minds , clean out of our minds – looking for that girl , that guy , that impossible day when by the light of the subway – the fucking doors open and the world is , the world is no longer a nightmare and the world has come home again. And you can breathe again – and the world has come home and my sister the saxophone greets me and I fall into the arms, into the ARMS of my brother – the half-sprung moon.

Oh yeah.


BIO – 

Helen Burke has been writing poetry for 42 years she also writes short stories, plays, comedy sketches and does painting and visual art. She has a new collection called”Today the Birds Will Sing “ coming out with Valley Press in the next couple of months.

Her work has been widely published and anthologised.  She has won a number of competitions such as Manchester International, Norwich, Suffolk, the Yorkshire prize, Southport Comedy, Jersey, Devon & Dorset, Torbay and many others.

Her work has been published and distributed in America by www.origamipoems.com, based on Rhode Island, she has 15 chap books with them, having formerly read at Roots in Providence. She has recently been made an honorary member of Ocean State Poets.

She reads at many literature and music festivals in the UK and read with former Poet Laureate ,Andrew Motion.She is a regular host on E.L.F.M Radio in Leeds featuring many of her own poems and guest poets and musicians. Her work is described as witty, surreal, humane and accessible,commented on by Gillian Clark



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