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Poem by JD DeHart – I Don’t Believe in Arrogance August 23, 2016

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I Don’t Believe in Arrogance
I don’t believe
in vanity, she said, before
wrapping herself up
in the mirror’s love,
I don’t believe
in anger, he said, before
splashing himself with
crimson firelight,
I don’t believe
in arrogance, he said, before
building himself a pillar,
climbing atop it,
then tumbling down.



BIO: JD DeHart is a writer and teacher.  His chapbook, The Truth About Snails, is available from RedDashboard.  You can visit one of his many blogs, http://rustedroselit.blogspot.com/, and submit your own writing there.



1. bzniditch - August 23, 2016

A philosophical poem reaching for Platonic wisdom between an instinct of a mind and sense of man’s arrogant nature, narcissism and to make terms with the world around us. J.D.De Hart is to be congratulated for
few poets attempt what he has succeeded in achieving here.
BZ Niditch

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