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The Hollow Year – Jade Blackmore August 4, 2015

Posted by vscorpiozine in 1980s, Jade Blackmore, poetry, romantic poems.
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The Hollow Year

He wears a black T-shirt,
Auburn hair swept back against his perfect cheekbones.
A hot trickle of tears scorches me
As I watch him fulfill her hissing request.
When I look at him even now,
Even when he is with her,
I can feel every breath I have ever taken.
There are memories in his every sinew,
In his every rounded muscle there are
Days and weeks of my life.
I waived my final chance to love him so I could hear poets bicker.
Now I beg just to have the privilege of seeing his face again.
A conceited geologist’s advances took the place of his icy, exact voice.
Three girls played pinochle in sub-zero temperatures as I locked myself
in the next room and thought of him.
My heart,
My vessels,
Were drained, empty for an entire year.
I deserted him because a short girl in overalls said, “The man is vulgar. He’s grown up wrong.”

It is good to be subtle.
It shows strength. Talent. Maturity.
It shows that I have forsaken my love for him to
Work 9 to 5 coding yesterday’s treason,
To ride aimlessly on the subway weekends,
And watch shoe stores liquidate
Just to pass the time.

Copyright 1981 Revised 2015



1. bzniditch - August 4, 2015

Great title, beginning lines and end- stopped lines with incisive flowing situations and reality in a quiet conversational tone of voice with ironic
moving allegorical sound-patterns that one wants to read “The Hollow
Year” again and again.

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