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Poem – When You Hold a Cloth to the Light January 22, 2015

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When You Hold A Cloth To The Light

When you hold a cloth to the light
You see the finely honed threads,
the fading colors,
the dusty trail of a poet,
a genius,
a saint and a seducer,
Beyond lust and beyond reproach.
Wouldn’t it be original if your words
Translated crisp and clear
You’re not like the others
But you deceive like they do
You’re better at it.
Dangerously sharp
And aloof.
A worthy adversary
Though no one is qualified to challenge.
The usual methods won’t work here.
So I tune into your mind,
The words on paper,
The game beneath the gloss.
That is all we have.
Beauty dims and disappears.
Flesh is the conduit, not the source.
Knowledge remains.
Attraction begins and ends
Between the ears.

Copyright 2007 Jade Blackmore



1. Stephen Jarrell Williams - January 22, 2015


A beautiful and very powerful poem!


2. bzniditch - January 22, 2015

An astute philosophical poem.
BZ Niditch

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