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..And God Created New York – Poem and Painting by Helen Burke January 8, 2015

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…And God Created New York

 And God created New York , because it was a Wednesday
And ..just because he could.
And at first , when he saw what he had done , he smiled.
And God said ..I will put all the haves at one end and they
Will be miserable as sin itself … and in the gutter I will put|
The have nots and they will know the truth about happiness.
And some will be truly fine , and smile ..but others may want more.
And for them I will put a wheel called kharma in a dustbin
And some will find it , and some wont .
And this I will call the wheel of Destiny and it will amuse me
At the weekends to tinker with its tiny heart.
And move it from bin to bin .
(Things have been slow since the Israelites came home)
.And so – some still went window shopping for what they could
Not have , down women’s blouses and up skirts.
While others saw the light and made a choice straightaway
Of good women and lean meat ( or vice- versa)
And on the fifth day when God saw , truly saw with his new
Glasses back from the menders, just what he had done
He said …….. Oh Shit ……. My My ,and oh oh , what a pickle.
But it was too damn late now.
And try though he might to rectify ………….
All he did was further create Los Angeles , Las Vegas
And some dodgy real estate in California.
The karmic wheel of Destiny was sprung .
Since then , as you can imagine ..God keeps a lowish profile
On a Wednesday.
Just stays home plays poker with the Prophets
And parts the odd Red Sea
(For which the Haves , the Have nots , the Would like to Haves
And even the Used to Haves but cant be arsed now ..
Are glad in equal measure .)
Roll on the weekend don’t you think ??????


UK poet Helen Burke has written poetry for the last 35 years. Her work is widely anthologised and has won many national prizes, including the Manchester, the Suffolk and the Devon and Dorset prize.  You can read more of her work here.



1. bzniditch - January 8, 2015

Helen Burke’s poem is thought provoking.

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