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Poem – Alone December 5, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in 1980s, Jade Blackmore, love poems, poetry, romantic poems, surreal.
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Physically defunct and alone
In Zimbabwe
Waving at English cameramen
While the government was being overthrown.
Alone with rain that crackles into a reincarnated frog in a clown suit.
Your diary hangs from the greasy beams,
Exposed like lunatics in rickshaws
And segregated hotel rooms.
How you sneaked into my room,
Not realizing that this was China
And we could cause World War III.
Alone raising bananas in an ant farm.
Alone being silly with divers in Kool-Aid waters.
Alone with naughty boy writing dirty words,
Alone in three different worlds at once,
Slithering like a baby eel in chicken soup.
Alone with boy in shorts between trailers.
Not the same as being with you.
Alone with 1943 Brooklyn Dodgers,
Play-off seen from beyond the embryo.
Alone with little red pajamas and frumpy cardigan-wearing friends from grade school.
Gurgling, belly-flopping fish that double as flashback hippies
Found me alone with filtering jazz in the back of the doughnut shop.
(Better with whipped cream than peanut butter.)
Alone with a baby born in Alaska, wrapped in Indian quilt
And facing future brainwashing.
Attack of the doorknobs: next reel on movie projector that scared me.
Museum wounds and transparent plaques without titles
That led me back to being alone
Under the baseball field lights,
Watching you,
Slippery and harmless as Betty Boop.

Copyright 1980, 2004 Jade Blackmore



1. bzniditch - December 5, 2014

What is great about “Alone” is one can actually feel the reality of life in every sense of its imagery in each line.
BZ Niditch

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