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Poem – A Charmed Life December 3, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in 1980s, Jade Blackmore, love poems, poetry, romantic poems, Veteran Poets.
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A Charmed Life

Rooster guts,
What the d.j. couldn’t say for fear of your lawyer.
A gold initial necklace,
A plateful of Frango mints,
A stake in my heart.
I the vampira,
You the princess
With sensual baby-fat thighs
And your computer exec Daddy
Framing a picture of you
In the Victorian suites of my longing.
I salivate in the alley,
Wrestling with a man wearing the skin of a jaundiced zebra.
You cavort on the hood of a Ferrari,
Seducing the camera eye,
A coy stripper,
A “Seventeen” magazine model beyond reproach.
You’d make any man forget his high school sweetheart.
Working behind the counter of a sandwich shop (garlic fingernails at 5.00 an hour),
I sing notes you’ll never comprehend.
Buried beneath a tombstone of transistorized basketballs, you squirm so elegantly
With a man I’ll never conquer.
I slithered along the tightrope.
I hissed at him.
He was a blue jean rebel turned sixteenth century genius.
Then he took you on a conjugal visit to Shreveport,
And now his name is obscured by your beauty.
You’re everybody’s little sister nude in the back of a limo,
Bitchy black eyes contradicting your apple-cheeked smile.
He saw his reflection in your face,
And now he makes love in a mirror
Every night.

Copyright 1981, 2004 Jade Blackmore



1. bzniditch - December 3, 2014

Strong poem with powerful energy and imagery.
BZ Niditch

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