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Poem – The Vampire Lives November 28, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in Jade Blackmore.
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The Vampire Lives

I could fight with you, but I’d lose
And I play every game to win.
I could never lust for your body
Cause I can’t get past your mind.
Mystery lady writes you letters,
But you’re no subject of solitary infatuation,
I know you better.
A surgeon dressed in black,
Defacing mediocrity with a three-pronged scalpel.
You’re swift at the draw,
Unparalleled in reason,
Cursing your right-hand man
And even he can’t understand why.
Wandering pilgrim in 60s’ drag,
Call your Italian friend by his first name,
Cordially strangling him with your maestro’s fingers,
Long and slender but callused at the tips
From the precise steel heat of your weapon.
The lady I saw you with the other night
Nodded her head like a puppet.
“Uh-huh, yes,” she responded after your every sentence
as though you’d slap her wrists
with a schoolchild’s ruler if she couldn’t recite your comments
word for word.
Cat hides under the patio chair.
Two divorces later,
I wonder what your ex-wives would say.
How did you treat them the last night?
Were you the one who left,
Or did they finally cringe at you,
Deadpan musketeer,
Genius with nice thighs,
Black sheep of the Baroque.
A shy warlock more potent
Than his haughtiest predecessor.
So much of life is merely
A badly dubbed German movie desecrating your name.
I lie here alone remembering
How you never smile in public,
How you matter of factly consider yourself a young man at 35,
How you have dinner with your best friend’s parents: I imagine
You charm his mother with your fine English temperament.

I’ve always been too independent, too dominant.
I have always been stronger than most of the men I’ve known.
But you could break me,
Leave me cold and naked and never look back.
In bed you are ambivalent, gentle to a fault,
Sending poems to your lover when she behaves.
Even-voiced tyrant,
Someday your body will possess me
Like your mind does.

Copyright 1979, 2004 Jade Blackmore



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