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Poem – Words November 14, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in Jade Blackmore, poetry, Veteran Poets.
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Small talk,
Transparent, barely tolerant,
Drops to the checkered sidewalk,
A chunk of cement strapped stilettos
Costly and void, but always 90 proof.
It doesn’t sway the heart
Or stick to the ribs.
Butterfly stalker.
Fairfax Avenue graffiti
Covers up Rita Hayworth
With bountiful scars.
Words mean less
Than when
A bubble girl sang it.
That says a lot.
Words bounce back to you
And then up to the ridiculously blue sky
If there’s no one else to catch them.

Copyright 2008 Jade Blackmore



1. bzniditch - November 23, 2014

Wonderfully conceived poem, the imagery just flows .I miss Fairfax St. and Rita Hayworth.

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