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The Clone Demands Its Freedom November 4, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in Jade Blackmore, Veteran Poets.
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The Clone Demands Its Freedom

The highest
All knowing
No compassion
The clone demands its freedom.
It ignores the madness that gave it life.
The mistake that nurtured
A dried-out red weed.
All high, divine, free of passion.
I worship the clone.
As its creator I belch
Every time its name is mentioned.
It’s a shoddy copy of the original.
It desires to choke the throat
That so foolishly taught it to speak.
Damn the creator.
Worship the all-powerful,
Holy red clone.
It doesn’t need to work for its bread.
It doesn’t cry or bleed,
Just thinks it does.
Thinking makes it so,
Holy shining clone.
Bask in the glory your Dr. Frankenstein left behind.
The clone’s lovers
Don’t acknowledge the original.
If they would only check
Behind the clone’s eyes,
There is only a steel plate.
No birthmark.
No soft part to pinch and burn.
The clone doesn’t fight the war,
It just reaps the benefits of the treaty.
The clone makes promises,
But the only thing certain about a clone
Is the ego that spawned it.

Copyright Jade Blackmore 1981, 2004



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