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Poem – Born Again October 23, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in Jade Blackmore, love poems, Veteran Poets.
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Born Again

Your eyes seethe with rage,
guileless, but potent,
too expressive to be safe.
Are they the remnants of childhood trauma,
chemical non-sequitur,
or demon lust gone unfed?
(An American girl prefers the latter.)
A breathing contradiction,
face docile and embarrassed,
a silly child playing dress-up.
Who are you behind the Mardi Gras mask?
After dark,
a preliminary taste of your sex proves too subtle
like a library next to a strip club.
No sizzle.
no knock-out punch
just forests of oil-slicked autumn leaves,
the tinkling of a player piano,
a meek little girl
cowering behind her Mommy’s couch.
Floodgates of memory open –
the scent of hyacinths outside the open window,
a shirt collar loosely unbuttoned.
Your hand fits, scientifically precise,
on my naked hips,
panther eyes instilling a permanent growl
in my vocabulary.
The sheets smell fresh,
untended by love for weeks,
a reinvention of forbidden chaos.

Copyright 1993, 2004 Jade Blackmore



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