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Nightlife in Redondo Beach September 20, 2014

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Nightlife in Redondo Beach

The panther stalks on my shoulders, spitting blueberries from his concave mouth. I’d like to drown him in my bathtub. I push him across the tiled blue floor, fingering his ass like it’s some black velvet apron. He splashes in the water, in the bubbles, blue and red like my eyes after one too many whiskey sours. He’’ got the first of his nine lives and he ain’t wasting it.
Nothing’s as rich and black as the crown of his head. He sucks the bubbles to leave it clean for me, he laughs when I mention her name.
He’s in my bathtub. His face mellows into pink-flushed skin, eyes shake and bounce like beads in a baby rattle. He sees. He’s a man at last.
I hear him speak.
“Your ego, baby,” he says, “is something else. I’ve come to put clamps on it.”
“No, you can’t do that!” I scream, choking him hard, but he won’t go down.
My clammy hands slide off his throat.
He still threatened my ego. He just kept talking, and I didn’t like what he was saying. So I took my jeans off and sat on his face.

Copyright 1980, 2005  Jade Blackmore



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