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Forest September 11, 2014

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You did it again.
Spouting politically correct rhetoric
when everyone else just wants to have fun.
Our friends stand by,
not astonished or embarrassed
just steely numb (if looks could kill.)-
but they couldn’t shut the sound off.
Let’s get back to nature-
Hike up to Big Bend or Kalmuth Falls.
Let’s kiss until we suffocate in each other’s essence,
fall asleep in the Grand Canyon,
serenade in thrift shop blue and paisley,
too serious for words.
Flawed iconin
a few years, you’ll be left with nothing but the outer shell.
Too many synapses charred,
like a warehouse after the L.A. riots.
That’s the worst case scenario
when you indulge too much in mother earth,
believe in the truth
when the rest of the world finds comfort in lies.
You’re my soulmate, cause that’s all there is when the varnish is
stripped away,
too heavy for soap opera ears.
I’m walking down the street
eating an ice cream cone.
You’re three thousand miles away,
saying what I’m thinking.
when our bodies can’t touch.

Copyright 1993, 2005 Jade Blackmore



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