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Piss Bottle August 16, 2014

Posted by vscorpiozine in Veteran Poets.
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Piss Bottle


I saw a Poland Spring bottle on the 34th Street subway platform the other day.
It was filled with a bright gold liquid.
It reminded me of you,
of the most memorable night of our relationship,
(well, next to the night we got mugged.)
It was the night I was lolling around in bed,
half-stoned & barely sated,
when I heard the unmistakable sound
of a liquid stream hitting glass.
I looked up at your back.
You were perfectly and innocently still.
I thought,
“No, no, it can’t be…I’m too chemically altered, that must be it.”,
and I fell asleep.
After you had gone to work the next mornng
I crawled over to the edge of the bed and looked down-
at a glass jar half- filled with golden liquid
and a Schumann’s apple juice label on it.
(Good thing you hadn’t left it on the kitchen table on the way out.)
That’s when I knew for sure
you weren’t marriage material.

Poem Copyright 1997, 2005 Jade Blackmore from the book Broken Rose



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