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“Dirty Pebbles” and “The Unexpected Find” – Two Poems by Christopher Barnes September 17, 2013

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“Dirty Pebbles”

                 Detritus –
Bludgeoned, sunk from earth’s skin.
Grinding kits express it shatter-proof
But dazzlement’s flown.
De Beers grumble at lost sheen.
Diamantaries wink for light-grasp, glitz.
Crystal scaffolding no longer sparks
The Unexpected Find
A backswept alley eye-opener –
Roll up roll up to this pleasure-round attraction.
They tout tuck, ding-dong fights, wild oats music –
Customer-snatching freak shows
In diamond-studded light.
Uncork a grumbling metropolitan purlieu –
Spanner-built thrills,
Ping-clink coin-heavy arcades.
Twist-a-whirl, shoot-the-chutes
And all your awe will be gravity-flung.
Christopher Barnes is an accomplished poet in the UK. You can read more about him on his BBC website page. He recently read his work at at the Callander Poetry Weekend hosted by Poetry Scotland.


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