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Tarantula in the Desert July 21, 2013

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Tarantula in the Desert


Jade Blackmore

Out in the sun.
Out of nowhere.
A glint of diamond
Masquerading as carbon
til time and earth
shape it into
the embodiment of charm.
What does it mean to
Climb a mountain or conquer the world
If you have no one to share it with,
To look with sweet fervor
Upon your life,
To be there in spirit as well as flesh,
To live with someone
Not against them or in spite of them,
But with them.
To immerse yourself in the present with an ally,
To feel the same emotions
And cry the same tears
Just for one moment
or forever.
To sit
Cozy and telekinetic,
Not wanting or needing anything.
Just being,
Watching a tarantula
Crawl across the sand
Or sighing together
At the pagan sky,
with or without touch.
Simple things
The most pleasure.

This poem appeared in The Blue Moon Literary and Arts Review #5, Spring/Summer 2010.



1. bzniditch - July 21, 2013

This poem moves like language enveloping us in a veil as our eye
contacts the phantoms of our imagination and witnesses to what lies
below the surface of human and demonic imponderable and protean rapine ratiocination.

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