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Hollywood Eulogy – Jade Blackmore July 15, 2013

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Cabaret Scene – Salvador Dali


Hollywood Eulogy

Girl in beret,
(Closet junkie)
faces melting into mustard
as bums watch.
Incognito splashes,
sidewalks on fire.
Gunshots scattered by the altar of Mary.
Mercedes voodoo.
Beverly Hills eccentrics
procure shrunken heads in trophy cases.
Temporary poet with two black eyes and Grace Slick’s voice courts a
millionaire biker.
Dozens of raggy-bearded riders escort them to his Bel Aire mansion
on their wedding day.
Neon red blood coats the parking meters along chic street.
Get spit on riding the bus to Westwood.
See an Indiana schoolgirl’s bedtime fantasy butchered in the back of a
van in Farmer’s Market.
The insiders smell poverty like dogs smelling meat and attack.
Reality pukes up miracles like so much synthesized garbage.
Cocaine high, calypso target.
Angel blonde screaming in bathroom, Laurel Canyon tripping.
Saxophone players from hell
curdle beneath the sewers of Hollywood Boulevard.
providing the city’s soundtrack
for a Marlboro
or a bottle of beer.
A dancing minstrel long past his prime.
has a rich ex-cheerleader support him
while he pursues a stale dream.
But the city knows.
Fame is just a freaky old man
gliding down a carpet of vultures.


Copyright 1985,2004 from the e-book Broken Rose



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