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Talking About You – Poem by Jade Blackmore May 7, 2013

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Temple of the Word – Leonora Carrington

Talking About You

Debutante eating pizza at night
in New York style deli
in Sherman Oaks
with homeless ex-boyfriend
talking about you
Spending Easter alone
with a box of Wheat Thins and a bottle of beer
talking to a hyperactive cat
talking about you.
Sassy bitch with hairy legs
laughing and pointing
and talking about sex
which reminds her
she’s really talking about you.
Chirpy-voiced sales clerk and bodybuilder with flattop
in the lingerie department of Macy’s
when she spits your name, its like a shive in my back
right there between the Calvin Klein bustiers and the Warner bras.
It’s a foreign language
cause she don’t know you.
She don’t know Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles.
She never rode an RTD bus in South Central L.A.
She never slept outside her chiffon and lace Long Island bedroom.
Credit-checkers in 9 a.m. cubicles
talking about you.
Erte admirers in Met bookshop talking about you.
Hare-lipped waitress in 34th Street coffeeshop
watches a roach scamper over a cheese Danish
as she talks about you.
Talking about a virgin,
talking about a satyr,
talking about you.
Korean cab driver gnawing on chicken leg,
cashier in Queens pinball arcade,
in the sick, sunny town.
Talking about a fluke,
talking about a savior,
talking about you
A has-been,
a real quick trip from the edge of the barrio,
and back again
You procreate with the best,
procreate to the consternation
of the good Reverend
spewing fire from the Alabama pulpit.
Your chosen name
inciting riots among sign-toting Catholics.
Baptists gather to burn your effigy.
Votive candles lap up the sky.
You’re a skinny puppy.
One little body
making old ladies in babushkas
screech at the dinner table.
You’re greasy and incognito
in a labyrinth of electronic lies.
A pyromaniac in an underground gas tank
gets more respect than you.
The subway conductor,
the doo-wop group,
the lady bikers with nose rings
talking about you,
talking about God,
talking about the devil,
talking about you.

Copyright 1990,  2004 Jade Blackmore
From the poetry collection Broken Rose



1. Ward Maxwell - May 7, 2013

Oh Yeah!!

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