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Eyes Don’t Lie – Poem by Jade Blackmore April 7, 2013

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Eyes Don’t Lie

I look out the window as the bus passes by Indiana cornfields, and
wonder how many serial killers were bred in this particular wasteland.
In my notebook, I calculate a horoscope that makes no sense. At least
the love interest in question has a smart mouth instead of big breasts.
Required planetary confusion.
Maybe you have her,
but you do have eyes that don’t lie.
I’ve seen you put on a tirade,
and patently orchestrate every movement,
like a Machiavellian dancer.
I been locked in a room with the human equivalent of pit bulls.
I been stared through by eyes that rival Charlie’s, so I know insanity
when I see it.
Vibrato five years gone. A respite amid pink polyester.
Eyes don’t lie.
Not when a fifth generation copy still makes me shudder at the
complexity–what will the original do when prodded?
National Enquirer at the checkout counter.
High school classmates at reunion talk about red soda and study hall
masturbation. Old church ladies glower in private at Goth girls with
Escape Catholic guilt NOW.
Life is neither black nor white,
but grey
(In your case, it’s silver.)
Eyes don’t lie.
They tell the whole story
so you don’t have to say a word.

Copyright 1994, 2005



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