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The History of Wanting by Jade Blackmore November 24, 2012

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Sea Serpent – Gustav Klimt


The History Of Wanting

In that shadowy partition of time
Between innocence and knowing
You accosted me with an unattainable notion,
All leopard-skinned laughter and prowler’s charm.
I didn’t understand why I liked you
I just did,
Til the arrogant wisdom of the body clarified the intent
Underneath my pink nightgown.
What remains unspoken
Works best in a kiss
Too many dormant years
Infiltrate this silken moment.
Every touch is colored
By an elaborate history of wanting.
The flicker of a TV screen in an empty bedroom.
Saddle-shoed feet crunching charcoal stones in the alley.
Tears so thick they dried and formed a second skin
This flame.
Your lips dissolve
A cadre of sorrow
As you bless the curve of my neck.
Years before we met
You planted the seed.
Years before I knew what the press
Of body against body meant.
Too many years to honor in one night
The only night we have.

From the poetry collection Broken Rose published by Renaissance E-Books Copyright 2002, 2005 Jade Blackmore



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