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The One That Got Away – Poem by Jade Blackmore November 17, 2012

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      Roots – Frida Kahlo

The One That Got Away

“It was the kind of shirt a 1960s Dad wore
when he mowed the lawn,”
she said.
Then she evaporated.

Taking the wrong turn by the Port of L.A.
Is a rite of passage.
The screeching tires,
The emptiness of fifteen minute fame,
A stranger’s secrets better left
Barbed wire tears
Leave streams of blood
And scar
delicate skin.
When crying means
Death or disfigurement
You get happy
Pretty fast.

Another vulgar travelogue.
A rehabbed lover’s sordid past
searching for stray needles in
muddy puddles off Ave C.
Once he made a causal remark about “the black guy
Who killed Nancy Spungen.”
He wasn’t talking about Sid.
His friend concurred,
Following me down the street
His jacket trailing out of a herringbone suitcase
On the way to a cab.
Old school.

They picked up
Stray Japanese girls on the front steps.
They mingled with history
With the permanently infamous
In videos
and the morgue.
The living prefer
Money and lawyers
And bait
Stalker girls
Just for fun.
Backstabbing at the pancake house and
In the safety of cyberspace.
All parties are guilty.

Pepper plants on the windowsill.
Funnelhead cat.
Discussing group sex
with a psycho roommate
from a bus station payphone in Mobile, Alabama.
There was a time
When nothing separated me
From what I loved.

It breathed
In my ears,
And battered
my psyche
For pleasure,
Not for pain.
I was too happy
With the results
To care
About compensation.

When you traffic in sin
God intercedes

Bits of bone.
A glitter cloud.

From the poetry e-book Parking Lots Remind Me of You

Copyright 2006, 2008 Jade Blackmore



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