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China – A Poem by Jade Blackmore July 20, 2012

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China – (A Rediscovered Poem from 1979)
  By Jade Blackmore

Teenagers write the damnedest  things! Here’s a surrealistic poem I found in one of my old college journals. I have no idea what this poem is about (if anything), or what inspired it. Lotsa potent smoking materials were around in those days, though..

China ( 1979)

His face was a cubist painting,
A configuration
Of all the strangers he had praised in past lives.
She was a cold-footed street urchin
Spit out of her mother’s womb,
Already hooked on the needle and the spoon.
They wandered into the neo-classic forest of
All amber and blood red,
challenged by God’s imperial wrath.
Moonlight danced on his smooth elfin shoulder blades
Like indefatigable shooting stars.
Feathers shaded her eyes as he forced her down,
With one finger he eased her down on the jelly carpet,a knowledgeable squirming.
Her imprint dried in the tell-tale ground.
She moistened her lips and aimed for a writhing target.
He shook,
An overdue embryo struggling for birth.
The fire penetrated his skull,
A transformation, burnt lapping tongue
Shimmering  pink.
Rivers surged into one,
Swept past rambling spires.
Statues disintegrated into black crescent water.
The blood soaked mouth cries for nourishment,
for sanctuary.



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