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The Old Dispensation and Your Beauties – Two Poems by John McKeown May 17, 2012

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The Old Dispensation

That universe of which

you and I were, once, the centre,

has been shed like a snakeskin,

its finery fading with each moment;

its last glittering held, dying among the stars.

Your Beauties

Your vivaciousness –

as if movement could be separate from a wave,

as if a pure, spiritual you, were appealing to me,

apart from hair and lips and eyes.

But your beauties are you, my love;

though you rear against them

like a fly-strafed mare in the Sun.


British Born  John McKeown was part of Liverpool’s  Dead Good Poets Society.  He lived in Prague in the 1990s and was part of the ex-pat literary scene there, and is included in the anthology The Return of Kral Majales (The King of the May): Prague’s Literary Renaissance 1990-2010 (Litteraria Pragensia). He has lived in Dublin as a freelance writer since 2000, and has collaborated on an album of songs, ‘Will’, with Leo O’Kelly of renowned folk rock group Tir na nOg.  His last two collections of poetry, ‘Night Walk’ (2011) and ‘Sea of Leaves’ (2009) were published by Salmon Press and Waterloo Press respectively. Four of his poems were featured previously on Venus in Scorpio E-Zine.



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