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On Never Seeing Tex Again by Jade Blackmore May 10, 2012

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On Never Seeing Tex Again

Tex and her tattooed boyfriend sleep
in the Ralph’s parking lot
ever since her parents kicked her out.
Boarded up supermarket graffiti from Harvey to Tex,
2 kids on the rebound from the streets,
pitching drinks in leather gloves.
Deceased sleaze.
The world’s gone bourgeois.
A load of no-talent broads in chiffon and fake fur
posing while the guys play guitar.
Tex strumming acoustic chords in baggy linen dress.
Paraphrase a diva and become one.
Gauntlets rigged to skinny arms.
Electrified black hair spread out onstage.
Behind the bar,
hyper with crayons,
a 5 year old mind sometime set in a 25-year-old body,
a voyeur’s legend
suddenly tapped into flesh and blood.



Copyright 1986, 2005 Jade Blackmore

This poem is included in Close, But No Pizza, available at Amazon.com



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