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Perception by Jade Blackmore April 23, 2012

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Perception is a funny thing.
A Rorschach test of sorts.

Some people look at a blotch
and see a self-absorbed bastard.
Coulda fooled me.
I see a lonely old man playing with his dog.
I wrap you around my heart,
To protect it,
To honor
the place where life
Blurted charm
Like an inexhaustible fountain.
A little girl sits on the front porch
Holding a soft-shelled doll
A rainbow arcs overhead.
The mailman waves hello,
Earthworms bubble up from cracks in the sidewalk.
Time lay
Before us,
A sleepy, diamond-studded
Fresh blues and greens
Fade away.
The cycle of life.


Jade Blackmore.Weebly.com



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