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Three Poems by Ryan Ritchie April 3, 2012

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the neon green lights say “11:56” as he enters the kitchen.
two days prior he was at a party where suits and ties
gave him shit for not being, well, a suit and tie.
their less than playful barbs cut a little too deep,
reminded him that at 31 maybe he should
have a little more for himself.

then he makes his breakfast smoothie,
half asleep pitter patters his way to the couch to read the paper.
he slurp slurp slurps the remnants of
strawberry and banana
and finds a check for $300 waiting inside his mailbox.

his computer ain’t new but it gets the job done.
emails galore — some good some just whatever.
but a few have the potential to net more
$300 checks
and that always puts a smile on his face.

it’s nearly one p.m. before he gets to work
and he laughs when he remembers
that the suits and ties have been up
since six.


Ginsberg wrote “Howl” in the summer of 1955 as some sort
of protest, I’m assuming. Fifty-five years later, I was driving
down Long Beach’s Second Street
where a Pizza Hut delivery car was illegally
doubled parked in front of a million dollar home. On the
left side of the late-90s Corolla bumper was a sticker that said
“HOWL” in the same font used on the cover of the world-famous
book. Sure, hearing that
classic A-C-D riff of the Stooges’ “TV Eye” in a Honda commercial or
John Lennon singing about revolution to sell sneakers
has raised more than one eyebrow amongst people who have probably
never tried to make a penny off creative endeavors,
but seeing Ginsberg’s logo on that car did nothing for me
A. I don’t give a fuck what he – or any other artist – does with his work
B. I think “Howl” is vastly overrated.


“Who won?” she asked. “The poems or you?”
And unlike the three pieces of garbage
I’d written early, my response
came instantly and said
everything that needed to be said.
“The poems,” I replied.
“They always win.”


Ryan Ritchie is a bum.



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