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Putting the Poem in Danger by Richard Thomas February 21, 2012

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Putting the Poem in Danger

Last night
On the patio
A student was talking
About those who have killed,
He then went on to say
He would play murder
Like a drinking game:
After every killing,
He, the killer,
Would swallow another shot.
To me this seemed like
A poor excuse
To become an alcoholic,
And in fact,
A poor excuse
To kill;
If you ask me
This seemed like
A poor excuse
For a one way conversation,
And I am beginning
To realise that
This might seem like
A poor excuse
For a poem;
This poem
Will probably be
The first in line
If I’m not careful
So I’m putting the pen down,
And hiding this one
Amongst the rest –
Safety in numbers.


  Richard Thomas is a twenty four year old poet from Totnes, UK. Richard is the editor of poetry e-zine Symmetry Pebbles, is currently studying a degree in English Language and Literature and holds a diploma in Creative Writing. Richard was shortlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2011 and has poems published and forthcoming in various magazines and anthologies. Richard has two poetry collections and one haiku collection seeking publishers. In his spare time Richard also enjoys playing music, drawing and taking it easy with his hamster Leonard – named after the great wordsmith that is Leonard Cohen.







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