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Poems by Katherine Ward and Kenton Field January 31, 2012

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These Are Not Your Things
by Katherine Ward

If I were a poet
and your eyes were blue,
they would be hydrangeas in bloom.
Cyanide, of course,
for anyone who follows you.

If I were a poet
and your skin were brown
you would be my chocolate memory;
drank as hot cocoa, sweet milk,
and caramel that sunk down.

If I were a poet
and you sang to me,
your voice would be honey,
trickled down coarse throats
of slave girls in reverie.

If I were a poet
and your hands were my own,
we would write life as we made it,
with strokes of combined hope.
A poet and a dark skinned, blue eyed,
Soul Singer’s hope made one.

Poor, Poor Madame Butterfly
by Kenton Field

 A seppuku kiss farewell
To seal a rancid pain

 Poor, poor Madame Butterfly:

 Your cocoon shall be the grave…


Katherine Ward is a poet and fiction writer native to Southern California. She’s written poetry since childhood and is a Magna cum Laude graduate of CSUN’s Creative Writing program.

  Kenton Field is currently living in Chicago, Illinois where he is studying computer science. He has been getting more serious about writing poetry recently in an attempt to make sure one side of his brain doesn’t become too much stronger than the other and he ends up thinking only in circles. Kenton has been focused a lot on school lately, but has several creative projects in the works and a website in the preconception stages to eventually showcase everything and help beautify the internet!



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