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Allure – Poem by Kira Henderson, Astro-Intoxication – Art by Christine Dennis December 27, 2011

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Artwork by Christine Dennis

By Kira Henderson

Watch while I move across the room
Coming closer
Seductively slivering
Coming closer
Intent fully enticing
Coming closer
Watch while I move my hands across my skin
Coming closer
Softly skimming
Coming closer
Barely brushing
Coming closer
Watch while I move my gaze to yours
Coming closer
Smokey smoldering
Coming closer
Peering piercing
Coming closer
Smell the fragrance swiped on my wrist
Coming closer
Feel the warm breeze from my breath
Hear the rhythm of my beating heart
So close
You are paralyzed
Stuck in my widow’s web
Watch as I pass you by
Linger in my



Kira Henderson discovered her love for poetry when she found a collection of Nikki Giovanni’s works on the shelf of her Middle School library.  She immersed herself in the readings of Nikki, Maya, Langston and every other Black American poet she could find.  The day she picked up a pen and wrote her very first rhyme her world would be forever changed.  Kira writes poetry that challenges the readers thought process with her clever metaphors and battles the heart with her passionate outlook on love.


  Christine Dennis is a USC graduate born and raised in Eagle Rock, CA. She is a creative producer and story analyst in the film industry. She pursues her art and poetry hobbies with great passion. Christine constantly explores the universe, nature, and the human condition with her art.



1. Scott Mitchell - January 10, 2012

This is awesome! I look forward to reading more!

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