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Venus in Scorpio in Detriment by Tony Vowles September 9, 2010

Posted by vscorpiozine in New Poets.

Venus in Scorpio in Detriment
Tony Vowles

The fluff of a swan is dirty
But is no less sweet

Black legs underneath
White plump on top
But no less sweet

They still glide with their hide
Leaving feathers behind
That are no less sweet

Compare this to a duck?
All even and neat
With brighter colours and pride?
No, the swan is more sweet

Or the pheasant’s rich plumage
A bird of royal ages, and sages
No, the swan is more sweet

She is like the tree to the river
Going deep, spreading wide
Gnarled inside, flecks on white hide
Yes……….she is more sweet.


Tony Vowles is the author of The Astrology Blog . He writes about astrology, current transits etc.  The blog also has a section called Poetry Corner where he writes astrologically inspired poetry and dissects classic poems astrologically.



1. nray - September 9, 2010


2. Joanne cucinello - September 9, 2010

I love the image of the Swan for Venus in Scorpio!
Just the gliding presence of pure white fluff with black legs hiding under water . . . the way they turn their heads and preen their feathers, then glance around and turn upside down to pluck a reed below . . . beautiful, sensuous and very tricky!!

3. Tony Vowles - September 13, 2010

Thanks guys 🙂

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