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The Art of the Cigarette by John-Arthur Ingram August 6, 2010

Posted by vscorpiozine in New Poets.

The Art of the Cigarette
By John-Arthur Ingram

The smoke rises from the tip,
soft and fragile like your hair.

I am pulled towards
the fire against my will.

Breathe easy and with conviction,

let go of life.

I am warm and there is

Love is between the fingertips
and the lips.

It turns to ash
and I am reborn.


Born in Clark Air Force Base in Manila, Philippines in 1981, John-Arthur Ingram was a military brat and spent most of his childhood traveling, developing a strong curiosity and an over-active imagination. He began seriously writing at 18, first with poetry, then short stories, plays, attempted novels, essays, and now the screenplay. He received his B.A. in English at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and moved to Los Angeles four years ago. He began pursuing the Film/TV industry and started a small production company (www.Antebellumentertainment.com) with a partner. They are in the process of raising funding for their first feature. John-Arthur writes because he loves the art of storytelling and because bringing a story to life is the closest to being God.



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