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Going Riceless – Poem by Daniel Eli Dronsfield August 5, 2010

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Going Riceless
by Daniel Eli Dronsfield

A man searches for purpose

At the bottom of bottles

And at the dead end of his day job

A man finds little

Like a treasure hunter

Holding his map upside down

He thunders Saturday night

On Monday he cowers from

Those he challenged

Mornings, he hears the cocks crow of greatness.

But he hides in the hen house

Until the frightening inspired screech has faded.

I will tell you this.

I have tried to know you

But you look at me so blankly.


he feels her hands

Groping towards him and feels

Not love,

but a mirror held up

In front of his own desperation.

Upon recognizing the me-ness

Of you

I am not sure whether

I like you

less or more

Because I know that you

Are just like me.

How quickly the life goes by,

With this day and then that one,

With change like the lesions the

Sun gives to your skin,

Smeared with the laughable melancholy

Of undeserved excess

While war drums thump

On the horizon

In a tone that is too low,

Has too much bass

For the human ear to hear.

In the heart it can be felt.

Yet my bread butters itself

While many go riceless

And know all too well

The taste

Of nothing.


Daniel Eli Dronsfield is an explorer, educator, author, photographer, visual artist, poet, and filmmaker. He has written two novels (unpublished as of now) and a collection of short stories entitled The Lugubrious Dilettante. A story from this collection was later turned into the short film deep deep blues, which premiered at the 2006 Eugene International Film Festival and was selected as one of the “best of the fest.”  Another of his films, The Ice Block Cometh!  The Life of a Cambodian Ice Block received wide acclaim the previous year after premiering in the 2005 Hawaii International Film Festival.   Contact the author at salshakes@gmail.com For more visit: http://www.dedunlimited.com/



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