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Poet of the Day – Laura Dziamba July 30, 2010

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I wasn’t put here with intention,

but maybe my element will bring out the glow in someone’s eyes.

born my own wild style of stubborn with glitter veins.

initiate adventure. ugly ambition. free-range motion.

gulp up adventure.

let’s go on a

sweat bone blood tear breathe gasoline coffee-spills pollution road trip.

we’ll speed across highways ’til it’s flat

multiply rows of corn.

checking time by a stick in the ground.

pseudo cowboy rough hiker rednecks.

more durable than knowledgeable.

no books, no possessions. no mileage.

figments of imagination, a peter pan shadow

attached with cactus needles

and drawn on with sharpie.

acknowledged with a chalk outline.

stop punching at walls that i walk through.

i am not supposed to be here

but you cut your hands on my shoulder blades,

heard my shampoo bottle squeeze exhales.

saw the blueprints in my eyes

and the foundations in the shift of my hips.

so run let’s run baby, run. Get some dirt in our shoes.

    Pulled out a ray gun at high noon
    -Did our night of Rice Crispies and Star Wars mean nothing?-
    Blew bubbles in your eyes then recorded the snap crackle pop
    Your knuckles drumming on the coffee table. Cereal ash dusting LP’s.
    -Give me back the remote-
    As the last bubble floats up to the light bulb, I decide to get lost
    In the vines of your arms, the jungle of your body.

    -Laura Dziamba


    Laura Dziamba is a screenwriter and poet. Her work can be seen in various litterary magazines and blogs. She currently resides in Los Angeles.



    1. paulamackin - July 11, 2011

    so powerful

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