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Poet of the Day – Nina Ki July 20, 2010

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baby, be my bad habit (for del)

i want to smoke you

like a cigarette.

i want to wrap up
your little body
and sprinkle
the tears,
the laughter,
and the delicious secrets
in between a nice spread
of tobacco and weed
in some nice crisp papers
and roll myself a fatty j

and smoke the hell out of you.

i want to inhale and exhale
everything that is you
into my lungs
so your essence is in my blood—

get blazed
out of my fucking mind
with the idea of you

and watch the smoke
curl in the air—
your love inside
and outside
and all around me.

nina ki

Bio: Nina Ki is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing.  Her work has appeared in Lung Poetry Journal, Relationships and Other Stuff, and Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals All Over the World, and her plays have been given readings at BarOnA by the Mixed Phoenix Theater Company, and at the KCACTF Festival.  She currently works in the literary department at the Celebration Theater, and is one of the writers for the webseries “That’s What She Said”.



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