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“Hell Girl” by Lennard Espiritu Santo July 20, 2010

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photo: Meghan Pinsonneault

Hell girl

I saw a hell girl

With a cracked halo

Walking down Sunset Blvd.

Dodging the brutal assault

of L.A. traffic

In love with skaters

who defy the laws of nature:

the common language of green haired anarchists

and those who do not believe in conformity

Following the rules of what is accepted.

She wept with a violent passion

To those who abandoned their dreams

Because of ridicule – to those who

stopped dreaming because of defeat

The Courage and Grace of unknown angels

Swimming against violent suns,

Nature and fractyl geometry,

Newton and Einstein,

Burnt out stars and unknown universes.

Galileo and the teenage

Girl who sits alone

In high school and

Dreamt of things

Not yet known in the universe

Tony Hawk and young scientists,

Artists and the search

For the beautiful.

She lived so beautifully

In the possibility

Of the moment

That the universe

Can be known in its

Bend, its beautiful


This was the world

She believed in

The world she lived in

That is why she

Wept – because of the

Infinite beauty,

The beautiful radiance

Swimming magnificently

Inside her.

– Lennard Espiritu Santo
Copyright 2009 Espiritu Santo

Bio: Lennard Espiritu Santo is an UCLA English major. He has written several screenplays and short stories.  He’s also set up lights for a Backstreet Boys video, worked as an extra and as a p.a. on several movies, performed as an open mike poet, worked as a fitness trainer and gym manager for a gym in Silverlake, and served as a writer for a local cable t.v. show. Lennard was managing editor for a small magazine, writes copy for his aunt’s restaurant and serves as a busboy and waiter there in between gigs.  He’s still looking for the perfect beat that defines Los Angeles and for people who still have the courage to rock.



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